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Boundary Bay Quilters’ Guild Mission Statement

Our guild aims to provide opportunities which encourage our members in their love of quilting through workshops, demonstrations, guest speakers and small groups. We hope to inspire creativity, learning and friendships among our members; also to provide outreach where help is needed in the community.


HOT FLASH   President: Donna H
Vice President: Matt W
Past President: Shirley F
Secretary:  Liz T
Treasurer:  Eileen C

Dawn, Doris, Barb, Donna, Gail
Membership: Jane, Bev, Jeanne
Newsletter: Kathy C             
Special Events Coordinator: Shirley F



President’s Message

Here it is; 2 years gone by since I blindly agreed to take on the President’s position. I’m sure many of you “seasoned” members thought I was mad to do it. But with only having a couple years’ membership behind me, I was too naive to know!

I have been so blessed to have an awesome executive and support team behind me. They covered for me when needed and guided me always. I likely made lots of mistakes but they’ve been too kind to tell me!!

And to each of you in the general membership, it’s been an awesome experience. Thank you for your enthusiasm. You embraced everything throughout the 2 years. Well, maybe except for taking on executive positions ;). Nevertheless, you took my reminding and pleading in good humour! If there is one thing I take away from this experience, it is the message “to get involved”, even on a small scale! It really is painless, and you get to establish deeper relationships with fellow guild members along the way! It’s FUN!

My only regret is that I still don’t know each of you by sight and name. I have run into many of you outside of guild events but have I remembered? No! But without the name tags many of you made, I would know even less! Thank you for that.

I wish Matt and his team all the best in the next two years. I’m sure with the continued support from all of you, they will do an awesome job!

Happy quilting!
Donna H, President





For the comfort of all of our members, our guild meetings are a scent free area. Many of our members who are people with allergies or sensitivities have asked that you please not wear perfumes or use highly scented soaps before you come to the meetings. We thank you sincerely for respecting this request.


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