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Boundary Bay Quilters’ Guild Mission Statement

Our guild aims to provide opportunities which encourage our members in their love of quilting through workshops, demonstrations, guest speakers and small groups. We hope to inspire creativity, learning and friendships among our members; also to provide outreach where help is needed in the community.


HOT FLASH   President: Donna H
Vice President: Matt W
Past President: Shirley F
Secretary:  Liz T
Treasurer:  Eileen C

Dawn, Doris, Barb, Donna
Membership: Jane, Bev, Jeanne, Joan
Newsletter: Kathy C             
Special Events Coordinator: Shirley F





Hello everyone! Looks like our winter weather has arrived so I'm sure many of you, like myself, are back to quilting in earnest! And...Christmas is just around the corner!

Our latest membership list shows we have 7 new members since September. Welcome to each of you. I hope you enjoy the guild. I was a new member 4 years ago and for myself, I found participating in workshops and on committees to be a wonderful way to meet the members and to have a quick sense of belonging.

It is just a few short months till June when my time as President comes to an end and Matt takes over. This leaves a vacancy for Vice President. I would like each of you to consider volunteering for this position. It is not a heavy commitment but as with any position, it can be very rewarding.

If not VP, then consider the 2017 Show Chairperson. You won't have to jump in with both feet, but new blood, new ideas, etc is always welcome. Kathy C and Shirley F will be available to mentor or co-chair you through your first show. There is a great team that supports you as well.

For any of these positions, speak with anyone of us on the Executive. If you ask, we promise not to pounce on you looking for a hard and fast commitment!

Donna H, President

For the comfort of all of our members, our guild meetings are a scent free area. Many of our members who are people with allergies or sensitivities have asked that you please not wear perfumes or use highly scented soaps before you come to the meetings. We thank you sincerely for respecting this request.


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